Have you ever played any 5 Reel Drive pokie, or you just know about it. Before some days my friends were talking about these kinds of pokies then I decided to play a 5 reel drive pokie. I found mega moolah which was one of that pokie. I read reviews about that one and came to know that these kinds of pokies are the first online games who used scattered symbols. Symbols are the backbone of any game because it creates a thrill and the theme in any event.

I was using laptop for playing these contests but I must suggest you to play with mobile devices because by mobile devices you can play while you are travelling. There are some pros of cons of these types of slot machine, they are traditional and simple but more complex than three reel poker machine and the scattered symbols are the backbone of this type of gaming. There are no some unusual features and rounds that can confuse the player.

I played that game for one hour and when I learned everything about that game, I started winning the spins. In starting I lost some of the spins which were offered me free for making signup. Some online casino sites offer different bonuses like signup bonus. It was a nice game and I must suggest everyone to play these kinds of games because these are very simple slots to play and easy to understand yet.

That day I won different prizes and the reason behind my winning strokes is that I got understand all about the slot machine very soon which helped a lot to win, and this is true that without understanding any event we cannot win on that very easily. It was simple, easy to understand and thrill giving poker machine.